ABOUT SoulShine Time Retreats


Our motto is LUCEM SEQUIMUR. We Follow the Light, and our goal is to Shine Bright and radiate positivity to all of our loved ones and with world around us. 

Our philosophy is simple - live life to your fullest using all of your God given talents to make the world a better place!  We want to help you harness the power of YOU. For that reason, we select retreat locations that are a quick flight away, so we can immerse ourselves in the experience quickly and efficiently.

Once at our retreat, our principles guide us to harness our true potential by using the fundamentals in our yoga and meditation practice to ignite the fire and passion for life within all of us.  With this strong foundation in practice and camaraderie of our group, we embark on challenges meant to harness the power, love and light to new levels of amplification.  


Going on my first yoga retreat was a big step out of my comfort zone for me. Jennifer at SoulShine reached out to me to ensure that we would be taking this leap of faith and journey together. SoulShine Time Retreat at Costa Rica was amazing and a life changing. We explored & executed strength, self discovery, mindfulness, and spirituality. 

DENISE, Rumson, NJ


Additional InformaRose Hall Villas by Half Moon is a neighbourhood, known for the privacy afforded!





Pacuare Lodge is tucked deep within 25,000 acres of pristine, protected Costa Rican rain forest on the banks of the Pacuare River, just north of the Talamanca Mountains. You are transported to a simple existence  where we disconnect from the modern world to reconnect with our selves and our greatest potential. Pacuare Lodge does not stand out from its natural surroundings. as it is meant, like us, to exist harmoniously with the environment. 

Our adventure begins on the river, where we are challenged to  with world class,  premiere white-water rafting destination, approaching the resort on a guided raft. Once at the lodge, we realized that  excitement is far from over: jungle hikes, canopy tours and canyoneering await.   We found that after a long day of exploration, amazing local, farm to table fare often around a candlelit table—one night by the river side allowed us to reflect on our day.  We embraced our experience with daily practices of yoga and evenings of meditation to serve as the perfect book ends for a day full experiencing our life potential and amplification.

Using retreats in Costa Rica to amplify the possibilities that lie within us by challenging and supportive experiences

Using retreats in Costa Rica to amplify the possibilities that lie within us by challenging and supportive experiences



The Lodge at Blue Sky

Situated on 3,500 acres of lush ranch land outside of Park City, Utah.The Lodge at Blue Sky, an Auberge Resort, invites guests to slow down and forge meaningful connections with the land, animals and people that call Blue Sky home.

Owners Mike & Barb Phillips are genuine stewards of the earth. Together they have designed five mediums through which guests can reconnect with the natural world. The understated elegance and organic architecture of Blue Sky’s 46 rooms/suites nourishes mountain modern cuisine with sustainable ingredients. The iconic wellness sanctuary perched gently at the edge of a precipice where earth meets sky is where you will encounter pure serenity. The High West Whiskey Distillery that crafts small batch whiskey from grain to glass will take you on your own journey. You’ll indulge in the curated activities for guests that are rich with Western heritage.

Touted as one of the hottest openings of 2019. Blue Sky is a place of soul and spirit, located 40 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport.

UTAH Yoga, meditation and excursion retreat to a Auberge Property

UTAH Yoga, meditation and excursion retreat to a Auberge Property